Great Cow Contest

And the 2015 nominees are:

The breeders have spoken and the 51 cows pictured below have been nominated
to compete in the 2015 Great Cow Contest.

The Next Step
This is the first round of voting, which will narrow the field to finalists in the 2015 Great Cow Contest.
The nominees are listed alphabetically. Read more about each of them by clicking on the link to their nomination ad below their photos.

Once you have selected your personal Top 10, you can cast your vote two different ways:

---- Tear out the official ballot in your February 2015 Jersey Journal, list your Top 10 - it is not necessary to rank them - and mail the ballot. All ballots must be postmarked on or before Monday, March 16, 2015, to be counted. Those received after March 16 will be discarded, as well any ballots that have been photocopied.
---- Vote online from the link below. Only one ballot per email address will be counted. If more than one vote is received from an individual address, only the most recent vote will be used. The internet polls will remain open until midnight on March 16, 2015.
Once the votes have been counted, the final group of cows will be announced in the May issue of Jersey Journal. Their stories will be published beginning in May and concluding in the December issue. You will be invited to vote again at that point for the final ranking of the top 10 in the 2015 Great Cow Contest.

Click here to place your vote! Please put "Great Cow Contest Vote" in the subject line.

Social Media and Great Cows
A new avenue for this years Great Cow Contest will be the use of social media. Watch your newsfeeds on all of the breeder pages as well as the Jersey Journal as we feature each of these nominees over the next year.

Make Sure Your Subscription Stays Current
To participate in the voting for the Top 10 Jersey cows in December 2015, you will need to receive the Jersey Journal. Only the official ballots provided in the Journal will be counted in the final voting. So be sure your subscription is current for the next year as we crown the next Great Cow.

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Hillview Headline Keylime-P
Nominated by Sorensons Hillview
Jersey Farm, Pine River, Wis.

Learn more about Keylime-P

Pearlmont Impuls Daffy
Nominated by Pearlmont Farm &
Sunset Canyon Jerseys, Barnet, Vt.

Learn more about Daffy

Pleasant Nook Berretta Felice
Nominated by Royalty Ridge Jerseys,
Frigot, and Mahovlic, Tillamook, Ore.

Learn more about Felice

Cadillac Jay
Thomsen 4226 Cadillac Jay
Nominated by Discovery Genetics &
Demmer Jerseys, Ellendale, Minn.

Learn more about Jay