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2016 Auction Prices Reported

February 2017, Jersey Journal, page 18
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T he prices paid for Registered Jerseys at public auction in 2016 remained strong despite economic challenges for the dairy industry. The breed’s annual sale average of $2,488.78 ranks third in history behind the record average posted last year ($2,691.44) and the second-high reported for 2014 ($2,686.71). The 2016 gross on the sale of 3,192 lots is just under $8 million, sixth high in breed history.

Throughout 2016, Jersey breeders paid premium prices for high-end, investment-worthy genetics. New breed records were established for high-averaging sale (Kueffner Kows Sale at $12,529.86), high-selling bull (River Valley Circus Craze-ET at $165,500), high-selling bred heifer (Elliotts Counciller Cora-ET at $33,000) and high-selling heifer calf (River Valley Lemonhead Carnival-ET at $67,000). The high seller of year, Chilli Premier Cinema-ET, struck off at the Kueffner Kows Sale for $185,000, is now the second high-selling cow in breed history. Another elite sale, the Rendezvous at River Valley, went into the record books as the third high-averaging and fourth-high grossing sale in breed history, with respective numbers of $10,876.26 and $1,076,750.

Buyers were willing to dig deep for cow families that have proven to turn a profit. Household names like “Bridget,” “Circus,” “Daffy,” “Maid,” “Venus” and “Veronica” were in the pedigrees of many of the high sellers for 2016. Buyers showed they are willing to pay for genetics validated by genotyping and for semen from the breed’s most promising young sires. During 2016, four elite bulls were syndicated for a combined $418,650.

Though averages for volume sales of commercial cattle followed milk price trends, being lower across the board as compared to last year, prices for springing heifers and milking cows were strong all year, especially for individuals sired by and bred to popular sires, backed by deep pedigrees and consigned by well-managed herds with strategic marketing plans.

As is common in trying economic times, the year also brought a number of dispersals. Jersey Marketing Service (JMS)—the marketing arm of the American Jersey Cattle Association (AJCA)—managed four dispersals, bringing to a close the breeding efforts of multiple generations of Registered Jersey breeders. This group included the largest offering of the year, the Bush River Complete Dispersal, with an average of $1,430.60 on 433 lots, and the high-averaging dispersal, the Gaby Milking Cow and Bred Heifer Dispersal, with an average of $2,015.12 on 172 lots, both in December.

The 34 public auctions included in this summary were held in the United States during the calendar year 2016 and submitted to the Jersey Journal as of January 9, 2017. Only sales reported with complete catalogs and marked with buyers and prices paid for all animals are included in the summary.
Sales with fewer than 10 head are included in the summary, but not ranked among the high-averaging sales.

High-Selling Bulls
As mentioned previously, several young bulls were syndicated during 2016, including the breed’s new historical high-selling bull, “Craze.”
“Craze” was syndicated at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale in May for $165,500. He will be marketed by breeder, consignor and sale host, River Valley Farm, Tremont, Ill, and the Semex Alliance. The son of Steinhauers Samson Lemonhead, GJPI +162, has GPTAs of +773M, +50F and +31P. He is +2.2 for Type, +26.9 for Genomic Jersey Udder Index (GJUI) and +200 for GJPI.

“Craze” is out of Goff Pharoah Circus Act-ET, Excellent-90%, with an m.e. of 23,763–1,071–843 on her first lactation and ranked among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +173. His fifth dam is two-time National Grand Champion, Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus, Excellent-97%, with four records over 21,600 lbs. milk, 1,000 lbs. fat and 760 lbs. protein.

This is the third consecutive year, the record for high-selling bull has been broken or tied. The most recent record was established in 2015, when Kash-In Slugger-P-ET sold for $120,000 in the All American Jersey Sale to Select Sires and the Slugger Syndicate, Plain City, Ohio.

A second bull to be offered for syndication at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale was River Valley Venus V I P-ET. He sold to the V I P Syndicate for $92,150. The son of Chilli Action Colton-ET, GJPI +11, is out of 2014 National Grand Champion, TJ Classic Minister Venus-ET, Excellent-94%. “V I P” was consigned by River Valley Farm and bred by Nic, Jeni, Ben and Andy Sauder of River Valley Farm.

In addition to her title as National Grand Champion, “Venus” was named winner of the National Jersey Jug Futurity and Reserve National Grand Champion in 2013. She was tapped Supreme Champion of both World Dairy Expo and the North American International Livestock Exposition the following year. Her dam, Stephan Sparkler Vera, Excellent-95%, was Grand Champion of the Central National Jersey Show in 2009 and Reserve All American Aged Cow in 2010. The next four dams are appraised Excellent as well.

The other two high-selling bulls to be syndicated in 2016 were Sunset Canyon Maid-Rite-ET and Jars of Clay Boaz-ET, both syndicated at The All American Jersey Sale in November.

“Maid-Rite” was purchased by Androgenics Inc. and the Maid-Rite Syndicate for $86,000. He will be sampled at the organization’s facility in Oakdale, Calif. He is from the “Maid” cow family developed by consignor Eric Leonard Silva of Sunset Canyon Jerseys, Beaver, Ore.

The son of Sunset Canyon Dimension-ET, GJPI +198, tested A2/A2 and provides opportunity to outcross some of today’s heavily-used genetics. He has GPTAs of +71F and +30P, is +212 for GJPI, and has a GFI of 6.9%.

“Maid-Rite’s” dam is a Very Good-88% daughter of Sunset Canyon Dominican-ET, GJPI +130, with a two lactation m.e. average of 23,448–1,265–846. She ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +179. His third dam is Sunset Canyon Lemvig Maid 4-ET, Excellent-93%, with a best record of 5-2 365 30,508 7.0% 2,150 4.3% 1,302 DHIR and show laurels of Overall Premier Performance Winner of the 2007 Western National Jersey Show. His fourth dam is Tenn Haug E Maid, Excellent-93%. She has more than 1,260 descendants in the AJCA database to date and placed fourth in the 2015 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest.

“Boaz” was purchased by The Boaz Syndicate and Select Sires for $75,000. He was bred and consigned by Jim Quest, Fresno, Calif., and will be sampled in cooperation with Select Sires at the company’s facility in Plain City, Ohio.

“Boaz” is from a popular cow family that includes “Slugger-P” and a maternal brother, Jars of Clay Barnabas, who was syndicated at the 2014 All American Jersey Sale. “Boaz” is sired by Rowleys 11 Visionary Chili-ET, GJPI +233. He has GPTAs of +931M, +52F, +39P and is +227 for GJPI. He is +2.1 for Type and has a GJUI of +26.2.

He is backed by four generations of Excellent dams with records over 20,000 lbs. milk. His dam, Jars of Clay Valentino Bridget, Excellent-91%, has two records—both over 20,000 lbs. milk—and a best record of 26,210 lbs. milk, 1,194 lbs. fat 903 lbs. protein at 2-11. She has a dozen maternal brothers in A.I. and numerous maternal sisters ranked on the top genetic lists. The next dam is Jars of Clay Venerable 1771 2620-P, Excellent-90%.

High-Selling Females
The year’s high-selling individual, the previously mentioned “Cinema,” was struck off for $185,000 at the year’s high-averaging sale, the Kueffner Kows Sale, in September. She was purchased by Rivendale Farms of Bulger, Pa.

“Cinema” is among a group of high-priced purchases made by the newly-established farm, owned by Thomas Tull, founder of Legendary Entertainment, and Chris Hoke, former defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Patterned after Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, Conn., the 157-acre farm raises organically-grown lettuce, tomatoes and apples and a herd of Registered Jerseys. Like its prototype, Rivendale Farms has started with the crème de la crème, selecting the four high-sellers of the Kueffner Kows Sale along with several other foundation finds at elite sales in 2016.

The Excellent-93% “Cinema” is sired by Hawarden Impuls Premier, GJPI +85, and out of the “Circus” cow family. She made her debut in the show ring in 2014 placing first as a junior two-year-old at the Maryland State Fair. The following year, she topped her class at the International Jersey Show and was also tapped Reserve Intermediate and Honorable Mention Grand Champion. “Cinema” sold fresh in June with her third calf and has 21,669 lbs. milk, 1,179 lbs. fat and 820 lbs. protein in her second lactation at 2-11. She is a maternal sister to the popular Active A.I. bull, Chilli Action Colton, GJPI +11. Their dam is Family Hill Connection Chilli-ET, Excellent-91%, with 27,470 lbs. milk, 1,821 lbs. fat and 1,068 lbs. protein at 3-4. The next dam is “Circus.”

She was consigned by Ernest W. Kueffner, Boonsboro, Md., who purchased her as a heifer calf for $9,500 from breeders, Kevin Ehrhardt and Michael Heath, Baldwin, Md., at the Summer Hummer Sale in July 2012.

The sixth high-seller of the year and the second high-selling cow, Genesis Velocity Dallas, sold at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale for $70,000 to Glamourview, a partnership between Gene Iager and Craig and Emily Walton, Walkersville, Md. “Dallas” is one of several fancy-pedigreed purchases from 2016 that will help to round out the show string at Glamourview, which includes 2012 National Grand Champion, Cascadia Iatola Puzzle, and several other prize-winning Ayrshires and Holsteins.

“Dallas” is sired by Arethusa Jade Velocity-ET, GJPI -170, and appraised Very Good 87 in Canada. At the New York Spring Carousel this past spring, she was first in the senior two-year-old class and went on to earn Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion honors. Her 12 closest dams are Very Good or Excellent in Canada.
She was consigned by Michael Heath and Triple T Holsteins, North Lewisburg, Ohio, and bred by Paul and Virginia Warwick of Exeter, Ont.

A full sister to “Craze,” River Valley Lemonhead Carnival-ET, is the year’s seventh high-selling individual and the breed’s new high-selling heifer calf. She sold for $67,000 at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale to Jerseyland Sires, Turlock, Calif. “Carnival” has GPTAs of +604M, +43F and +28P and is +2.1 for Type and +29.7 for GJUI. On sale day, she ranked as the #1 “Lemonhead” daughter; today she ranks among the top 1.5% with a GJPI of +198.

With the purchase, “Carnival” took over the ranking previously held by TJL Santana V Maid 2164-P-ET, who was consigned to the Arethusa-Avonlea Summer Splash Sale in 2015 by Travis Lehnertz, Plainview, Minn., and sold to Progenesis LP, Mildmay, Ont., for $53,000.

The eighth high-selling individual for 2016 is the second high-seller of the Kueffner Kows Sale. Rivendale Farms outlasted all other bidders to bring home South Mountain Santanas Spirit-ET for $65,000. The Very Good-89% daughter of Bridon Remake Comerica-ET, GJPI -151, sold fresh with her first calf in June and bred to sexed “Premier” in early August. She recently topped the junior two-year-old class at the Royal Agricultural Winder Fair (RAWF) for her new owners in November.
“Spirit’s” maternal sister, South Mountain Voltage Spice, Excellent-95%, was Supreme Champion of the World Dairy Expo Junior Show in 2011 and twice garnered All American laurels. The blue-ribbon-winning cow family also includes South Mountain Saratoga, Excellent-90%, the All American Milking Yearling for 2006, and Milo Vindication Season, Excellent-94%, the winning aged cow at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in 2012. “Spirit’s” third dam is Bri-Lin Rens Sofie, Excellent-90%, who was named Jersey Canada’s Cow of the Year in 2012.

“Spirit” was bred and consigned by sale hosts, Ernest W. Kueffner and Terri L. Packard, Boonsboro, Md.

The ninth and 10th high sellers of 2016 were a pair of heifer calves offered at the Splash in the Ocean Sale at Sunset Canyon on July 16. The Semex Alliance, Guelph, Ont., was the final bidder on Lot 1, a choice of three high-genomic heifer calves offered by consignor and breeder Eric Silva. With the winning bid of $53,000, Semex chose Sunset Canyon Dimension M Maid, a four-month-old paternal sister to the previously mentioned “Maid-Rite” bull and from the same cow family. The “Dimension” daughter has GPTAs of +842M, +72F and +45P. She ranks on the list of the Top 500 Females for GJPI with an index of +215.

Her dam is a Very Good-85% daughter of Sunset Canyon Machete-ET, GJPI +176, with an m.e. of 21,570–1,100–786 on her first lactation. She ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +166. Her Very Good-84% grandam made 23,020 lbs. milk, 1,246 lbs. fat and 855 lbs. protein at 5-5. Her third dam is the previously mentioned grandam of “Maid-Rite.”

The other heifer calf, Sunset Canyon Volcano A Daffy-ET, was one of the remaining heifers catalogued as Lot 1 and made available after her herdmate sold. Matthew Steiner of Marshallville, Ohio, made the purchase with a bid of $41,000.

The 11-month-old daughter of All Lynns Legal Volcano-ET, GJPI +196, is out of the “Daffy” cow family developed at Sunset Canyon Jerseys. She has GPTAs of +949M, +73F and 41P and ranks among the top 1.5% for genetic merit with a GJPI of +206. Her Very Good-88% dam is sired by Sunset Canyon Anthems Allstar-ET, GJPI +76. She has a two lactation m.e. average of 17,786–1,041–708 and ranks among the top 1.5% for GJPI with an index of +155. The next dam is Pearlmont Impuls Daffy, Excellent-90%, dam of “Dimension,” the second most heavily-used sire of sons in 2015, and 28 other sons in A.I. to date. Sunset Canyon Jerseys purchased “Daffy” in partnership with Bruce Roos and Kara Hale as the fifth high-selling female of the 2008 All American Jersey Sale from breeder, William H. Pearl, Barnet, Vt.

A pair of lots sold through the Kueffner Kows Sale garnered the 11th high price of the year—$33,000. Both were purchased by Rivendale Farms. Both hail from the “Veronica” cow family. One of them was the previously mentioned, new historical high-selling bred heifer, Elliotts Counciller Cora-ET. Sired by Glenholme Counciller, GJPI -81, she sold due to sexed River Valley Spice Showdown, GJPI +24, in February. “Cora” was second spring yearling at the New York Spring Carousel in 2016 and is eligible to compete in the National Jersey Jug Futurity in 2018. Like several of her new herdmates at Rivendale, “Cora” she won the blue ribbon in her class for her new owners at the RAWF.

Her dam is an Excellent-91% daughter of Top Gene Gold Action-ET, GJPI -149. Her grandam, Arethusa Veronicas Comet-ET, Excellent-95% was first place aged cow at the Central National Jersey Show in 2011 and also won the show’s Nasco International Type and Production Award. She was Grand Champion of the California Spring Show in 2009 and the New York Spring Carousel in 2011.

“Cora’s” third dam is the world-famous Huronia Centurion Veronica 20J, Excellent-97%, winner of the 2015 Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest. “Veronica” was Reserve National Grand Champion in 2002 and National Grand Champion in 2004. She has also been tapped Reserve and Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo, Supreme Champion of the Pennsylvania All-American Dairy Show and Reserve Grand Champion of the RAWF. She was selected to represent her sire in “The Art of Fine Breeding” contest in 2008 and was named Jersey Canada’s inaugural Cow of the Year in 2011.

“Cora” was bred and consigned by Kueffner.

The previous record holder for high-selling bred heifer was Ahlem Volcano Buttons 42731, purchased by River Valley Farm at the 2014 All American Jersey Sale for $30,000 and consigned by William Ahlem Jr., Hilmar, Calif.

The other $33,000-priced lot for 2016 was Dixies Showdown Donut-ET, a six-month-old “Showdown” daughter. Her dam, Crossbrook HG Dixie-ET, Excellent-91%, won the milking yearling class at the RAWF in 2014. She then topped the senior two-year-old class at the national show in Canada the following year and also earned laurels as Intermediate and Reserve Grand Champion. This past year, she was Reserve Intermediate Champion of the New York Spring Carousel. “Donut’s” grandam, Arethusa Veronicas Dasher-ET, Excellent-95%, has two records over 26,700 lbs. milk, 1,500 lbs. fat and 900 lbs. protein. She was Reserve Grand Champion of the New York Spring Carousel in 2012 and has twice been named Reserve Senior Champion of the junior show at the New York State Fair. The next dam is “Veronica.”

“Donut” was bred and consigned by the partnership of Jon Prokop, Terri Packard and Ernie Kueffner, Middleburgh, N.Y.

“Donut’s” full sister, Dixies Showdown Dazzle-ET, was one of two lots to sell for the 12th high price of the year—$26,000. Jersey junior Izzy Bohrer of Walkersville, Md., purchased the senior calf at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale in May and subsequently sold her to Glamourview in October. “Dazzle” stood first in her class at the New York Spring Carousel in 2016. Like “Donut”, she was bred and consigned by Prokop, Packard and Kueffner.

The other lot to sell for $26,000 was the high-selling female of The All American Jersey Sale in November. Sexing Technologies purchased the genetic standout, Kash-In Eusebio 49738 {5}-ET. The five-month-old “Eusebio” daughter comes from the same cow family as the previously mentioned “Boaz” bull. She has GPTAs of +1,108M, +53F and +49P and ranks #121 for genetic merit with a GJPI of +244. She is +1.5 for Type and +21.3 for GJUI.

Her dam, an Excellent-90% “Dimension” daughter with 19,800 lbs. milk, 935 lbs. fat and 753 lbs. protein in her second lactation, is a maternal sister to the dam of “Boaz.”

“Eusebio 49738 {5}” was bred and consigned by Rancho Teresita Dairy, Tulare, Calif.

Another heifer calf to cross the auction block at The All American Jersey Sale was the 13th high-selling female of 2016. Peak Genetics, Watertown, Wis., placed the last bid of $25,500 to purchase Dutch Hollow Harris Molly {5}. The eight-month-old heifer calf is sired by Schultz Volcano Harris {4}, GJPI +328, and from the “Mischief” cow family developed by Dutch Hollow Farm in Schodack Landing, N.Y. She has GPTAs of +1,260M, +67F and +57P and ranks #23 for GJPI with an index of +265. She is +6.2 for Productive Life, +1.6 for Type and +22.7 for GJUI.

“Molly {5}” is out of a Very Good-86% “Dimension” daughter with a first lactation m.e. of 21,341–1,115–819. She ranks among the top 1.5% for GJPI with an index of +164.
She was bred and consigned by Melanie F. Chittenden of Dutch Hollow Farm.

Top Sales of 2016
All of the year’s 20 high-sellers sold through one of the year’s four high-averaging sales—the Kueffner Kows Sale, the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale, The All American Jersey Sale and the Splash in the Ocean Sale at Sunset Canyon. Three of these sales are now in the record books ranked among the 15 highest-averaging sales in breed history.

As mentioned before, the Kueffner Kows Sale became the high-averaging sale in breed history on September 13 when 36 lots were auctioned for an average of $12,529.86. The gross of $451,075 ranks fourth for 2016.

The high-anticipated event was managed by Ernest Kueffner and Terri Packard, who have hosted a number of high-end sales over the years, including the Determine Your Destiny Sale in 2014, which struck off 56 lots for an average of $9,201.79. The duo upped the ante for this year’s event, which catalogued not only their best Jerseys, but Holsteins as well. The sale was hosted by Paul and Angie Neer and their family at Pencroft Holsteins in Belleville, Pa. David Rama was the auctioneer and Norman Nabholz read pedigrees.

The Rendezvous at River Valley Sale is the second high-averaging and high-grossing sale for 2016, with an average of $10,876.26 and gross of $1,076,750 on 99 lots. The sale ranks third in breed history for average and fourth for gross.

The sale was hosted by the Sauder family at their farm in Tremont, Ill., on May 21. Jersey breeders from across the world attended the event to tour the immaculate facilities and partake of Sauder hospitality. The million-dollar event culminated a decade of work to develop some of the breed’s best bloodlines. Over the past 10 years, the Sauders have purchased a number of elite foundation cows—privately and at public auction—and propagate the high-end genetics through an intensive donor dam program. Recently, River Valley Farm has begun to merchandise females at elite Registered Jersey sales and semen through alliances with Select Sires and Semex.

For this highly-promoted sale, they offered from the top of the herd and invited other guest consignors from across the U.S. and Canada to do the same. Fourteen of the 30 high-prices paid for Registered Jerseys at public auction in 2016 were made on May 21 at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale. The sale was managed by Michael Heath and Nathan and Jenny Thomas, Triple T Holsteins, and cried by Chris Hill. Nabholz read pedigrees.

The All American Jersey Sale is the third high-averaging and fifth high-grossing sale of 2016. This past year, the premier sale held in conjunction with All American festivities in Louisville, Ky., posted an average of $7,874.52 and a gross of $409,475 on the auction of 52 lots. The 64th event of the series, held on November 6, ranks as 13th high-averaging sale in breed history. Thirty-eight breeders from 21 states coast-to-coast and border-to-border made purchases.
The sale was managed by JMS. Chris Hill was the auctioneer.

The Splash in the Ocean Sale at Sunset Canyon Jerseys was fourth high-averaging and second high-grossing sale for the year, with a posted average of $6,233 and a gross of $623,300 on 100 lots.

In addition to the two previously-mentioned high-selling heifer calves, buyers paid top dollar for several other consignments, including the year’s high-selling choice—a first choice female sired by Sunset Canyon Machete-ET, GJPI +176, and out of Sun Valley Dimension Jersee. Sunset Canyon and Nathan Jensen, Beaver, Ore., purchased the lot consigned by Sun Valley Farm, Cloverdale, Ore., for $19,500. They will choose first from 10 embryos implanted in May.

“Jersee” is an Excellent-90% “Dimension” daughter with GPTAs of +402M, +63F and +44P. She ranks #28 in the nation for GJPI among genotyped cows with an index of +225. She has an m.e. average of 20,229–1,065–817 on two lactations.

The sale, held on July 16, was managed by Avonlea Genetics Inc. and hosted by 2016 AJCA Master Breeders, Eric Silva and Paula Wolf, at Sunset Canyon Jerseys in Beaver, Ore. The event was touted as a summer destination, with opportunity to tour the Jersey-dense Tillamook area and experience sites near the Pacific Ocean. Sale hosts treated more than 500 Jersey enthusiasts from around the world to a tour of the farm and the kind of lavish pre and post-sale spreads Jersey breeders have come to expect from the pair. Chris Hill was the auctioneer; Russell Gammon read pedigrees.

Rounding out the top five-averaging sales for 2016 is the National Heifer Sale. The event designed to raise funds for Jersey youth auctioned 40 lots for an average of $4,740 and a gross of $189,600. For the fourth consecutive year, the sale was an all-virtual tour broadcast live on

As is customary, each consignor donates 10% of the sale price to youth funds. This year, though, more than $38,000 was donated, thanks to extra contributions from many consignors.

The JMS-managed sale was held on July 2 in conjunction with the annual meetings of the AJCA and National All-Jersey Inc. at the Sheraton Hotel in San Diego, Calif. Chris Hill was the auctioneer.

The high seller was DuPat Machete 14706, purchased by Sexing Technologies for $15,700. The “Machete” daughter was bred and consigned by Wickstrom Jersey Farms Inc., Hilmar, Calif.

Rounding out the top five high-grossing sales is the previously mentioned Bush River Jerseys Complete Dispersal. On two days—December 8 and 9—the herd of 433 Registered Jerseys which has been managed by the Malnati family since the mid-1970s was sold at the farm in Newberry, S.C., for an average of $1,430.60 and a gross of $619,450.

Bush River Jerseys was established by the late Dr. J. J. “Doc” Malnati, recipient of the AJCA Master Breeder Award and World Dairy Expo Distinguished Cattle Breeder Award. Most recently, the herd was owned and managed by his grandson, Richard A. Doran Jr., and his family. Over the years, Bush River Jerseys hosted several sales at the farm, including the Bush River & Treasure Chest Combination Sale, which held its 12th annual event in 2011. The 652-acre farm also includes a turkey operation, a cow-calf beef herd and row crops. For many years, Bush River Jerseys also bottled milk under the Queen of Quality® label and sold it locally and on the farm through the popular Vend-A-Moo machine.

Lynn Lee cried the JMS-managed sale.

High Sellers by Category
Many of the high-selling individuals by category—bulls, cows, bred heifers, open yearlings, heifer calves and choices—have been previously mentioned.
The second high-seller of the category for bred heifers, Carly-O Tequila Anytime {4}-ET, was struck off at the Splash in the Ocean Sale at Sunset Canyon for $14,500. “Anytime {4}” was purchased by Peter Vail and Budjon Farms, Lomira, Wis., and consigned by Carly Olufs, Petaluma, Calif.

The daughter of Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, GJPI -167, sold due to Sunset Canyon Andreas, GJPI -68, in mid-February. “Anytime {4}” is a full sister to the 2015 National Grand Champion, Carly-O Tequila Alley {4}. Their dam is a Very Good-88% daughter of SC Gold Dust Paramount Iatola-ET, GJPI +22, with 24,688 lbs. milk, 1,046 lbs. fat and 786 lbs. protein at 5-5.

The third high-selling bred heifer, RJF Velocity Inferno, was purchased by Roy Mitchell, Elkin, N.C., for $13,200 at the Rendezvous at River Valley Sale. She was bred and consigned by Robert Jarrell of Corbyville, Ont.

“Inferno” is sired by Arethusa Jade Velocity-ET, GJPI -170, and sold short bred to Rapid Bay Indiana Gentry-ET, JPI -131. Her five closest dams are Excellent in Canada. Her dam, sired by “Iatola,” is appraised EX 90-2E in Canada and has a best record of 24,959 lbs. milk, 1,157 lbs. fat and 942 lbs. protein at 6-2. Her grandam, RJF Centurion Bella, SUP-EX 93-3E (CAN), was champion of the Royal International Jersey Futurity in 2007. Her third dam earned a 13-star brood cow award from Jersey Canada in January 2016 and was twice nominated All-Canadian.

The Rendezvous at River Valley Sale was the venue for the three high-selling open yearlings and second and third high-selling choices as well.

The partnership of Mark Iager, Will Iager, Duane Cole and Mazarro of Williamsfield, Ohio, purchased the high-selling open yearling, Stoney Point Gunman Elisa, for $16,000. She was bred and consigned by John and Julie Mayer, Taneytown, Md.

“Elisa” is sired by Rapid Bay Gunman, GJPI -139. She is backed by a Very Good-88% daughter of Lester Sambo, GJPI -61, and then an Excellent-92% “Counciller” daughter on the bottom side of her pedigree. Her third dam is Jaspar Renaissances Evening, EX 91-3E (CAN), with two records over 22,000 lbs. milk, 1,300 lbs. fat and 880 lbs. protein. She was twice tapped Intermediate Champion of the RAWF and three times named All-Canadian. She earned a 20-star brood cow award from Jersey Canada in December 2011. The next three dams are Very Good or Excellent in Canada and earned lifetime production awards from Jersey Canada.

Glamourview selected the second high-selling open yearling, Cachevalley Aurora {5}, for $15,800. The daughter of Mortimers Premier React, GJPI -10, is out of an Excellent-92% daughter of Select-Scott Minister-ET, GJPI -138. She was bred and consigned by Harris Dairyland Inc., Richmond, Utah.

With a bid of $9,500, Lisa A. Schucker, Troy, Pa., purchased the third high-selling open yearling, River Valley My-O-My Spice Girl-ET. The daughter of River Valley Marmie My-O-My-ET, GJPI +16, is out of the previously mentioned South Mountain Voltage Spice-ET, maternal sister to “Spirit,” the eighth high-selling individual for 2016.

“Spice Girl” was bred and consigned by River Valley Farm.

The second high-selling choice—a first choice female sired by a mutually agreeable sire and out of the reining RAWF Supreme Champion, Musqie Iatola Martha-ET—was purchased by Glamorview for $15,300. In 2015, the Excellent-94% “Iatola” daughter was named Grand Champion of both the Wisconsin Spring Spectacular Show and the junior show at the Wisconsin State Fair, Reserve Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo and Supreme Champion of the RAWF. She has 24,590 lbs. milk, 1,108 lbs. fat and 855 lbs. protein at 4-3.

The choice was consigned by Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna, Wis.

Matt Kimball, Millington, Md., purchased the year’s third high-selling choice for $15,200. Kimball will choose first from four daughters sired by a variety of bulls and out of the previously mentioned TJ Classic Minister Venus-ET, dam of the “V I P” bull. The choice was consigned by River Valley Farm.