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California State Fair Junior Jersey Show

Canadian National Jersey Show
• November 11-12, 2016, Royal Agricultural Winter Fairgrounds, Toronto, Ont.
• Gary Bowers, Coaticook, Que., judge
• 246-head shown
• Senior, Grand and Supreme Champion female—Musqie Iatola Martha-ET, Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna, Wis.
• Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion female—Paullor Giller Rilee, Paul and Lorraine Franken, Clinton, Ont.
• Intermediate Champion female—Bri-Lin Karballa Salvia-ET, Brian and Linda Raymer, Bright, Ont.
• Reserve Intermediate Champion female—MB Lucky Lady Feliz Navidad-ET, Rivendale Farms, Bulgar, Pa.
• Junior Champion female—Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia, Milk Source Genetics
• Reserve Junior Champion female—Lookout Tequila Gotcha, Lookout Jerseys and Frank and Diane Borba, Canton de Hatley, Que.
• Premier Breeder—Marlau Jerseys, Louiseville, Que.
• Premier Exhibitor—Rivendale Farms

Class Winners
Junior heifer calf (25 shown)
1. Des4Chemins Tequila Candy, Maxime Turcotte, Saint Jean de Dieu, Que.
2. Drentex C Baby Colt, Michael and Moinque Bols and Jenna James, Russell, Ont.
3. Arethusa Colton Kendra, Arethusa Farm, Litchfield, Conn.
4. Marlau Tequila Anouck, Laurent Lambert, Louiseville, Que.
5. Liberty Gen Tequila Popcorn-ET, Yann and Allison Bossel and Emma Farlinger, Kemptville, Ont.

Intermediate heifer calf (21 shown)
1. Marlau Premier Jacquette, Laurent Lambert, John Weaver, Y.M.S. Fortin, Louiseville, Que.
2. Golden Getaway Exotica, Glen and Sheila Burgess, Mildmay, Ont.
3. Charlyn Keeper Satisfied, Rivendale Farms, Bulger, Pa.
4. Caberoy F Runner Monalisa, Les Elevages Caberoy, St. Paul D’Abbotsford, Que.
5. Aland Perfect Ryker, Alan and Julie Cunnington, Caledon, Ont.

Senior heifer calf (25 shown)
1. Edgelea Tequila Roxanne, Joel Bagg, Little Britain, Ont.
2. Avonlea CF Breeze’s Bristol-ET, Avonlea and Cybil Fisher, Brighton, Ont.
3. Glenholme Excitation Charlie, Robert and Bruce Mellow, Caledon, Ont.
4. Charlyn Tequila Emmie, Charlyn Jerseys, Warwick Township, Ont.
5. Arethusa Vintage Tequila-ET, Arethusa Farm

Summer yearling heifer (25 shown)
1. Lookout Tequila Gotcha (S: Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, D: Shamrock Giller Glo), Lookout Jerseys and Frank and Diane Borba, Canton de Hatley, Que., res. jr. champ.
2. Gleneil Tequila Vanity, Jeff Stephens, Pierre Boulet and Yvon Sicard, Troy, Ont.
3. MB Lucky Lady Path to Fame, Lookout Jerseys and Frank and Diane Borba
4. Cadillac Hired Gunman, Peter Hawkes and Shane Hulle and Jay Fullington, Perry, N.Y.
5. Paullor Austen Jaycee, Paul and Lorraine Franken, Clinton, Ont.

Junior yearling heifer (20 shown)
1. Elliotts Counciller Cora-ET, Rivendale Farms
2. Paullor Austen Roulette, Paul and Lorraine Franken
3. Brenbe HG Gorgeous, Brenbe Farms, Ayr, Ont.
4. Starcrest Throwback Tequila, Casee and Frank Robinson, Hickson, Ont.
5. Lookout River Baby, Gary Vance, Nancy Suitor, Brooke McKinven, Lookout Jerseys, Canton de Hatley, Que.

Intermediate yearling heifer (7 shown)
1. Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia (S: Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, D: Huronia Reagan Naomi 7X, Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna, Wis., jr. champ.
2. Rollingriver Press Release, Adam Fraley, Daniel and Patti Kitchen, and Eddie Sekerak, Muncy, Pa.
3. Avonlea CF Starstruck-ET, Avonlea and Cybil Fisher
4. Kellogg-Bay Salvation Response-ET, Vogue Cattle Co., P. Jones, C. Fisher, Brighton, Ont.
5. Charlyn JK Shimmer, Charlyn Jerseys

Milking yearling (22 shown)
1. Marlau Valentino Marilee, Laurent Lambert and John Weaver, Louiseville, Que.
2. Lookout Its Glo Time-ET, Kristie Kyle, Chelsea and Jaclyn Rivington, Carp, Ont.
3. RJF Gameday Surprise, Robert Jarrell, Corbyville, Ont.
4. Lookout Honey Here I Am, C. McKinven, C. Halback and T. McKinven, Canton de Hatley, Que.
5. Bridon BRC Zelda, Bridon Farms Inc., Paris, Ont.

Junior 2-yr.-old (13 shown)
1. South Mountain Santanas Spirit-ET, Rivendale Farms
2. Maughlin Astuce Emily, Ferme Pierre Boulet and C.A. Sicard, Montmagny, Que.
3. Top Gene Imp Castalie, Cybil Fisher, Patty Jones and Avonlea Genetics, Brighton, Ont.
4. Rapid Bay G Gatsby, Cory Dickson, Riview Jerseys, Rapid Bay Jersey Farm Inc., Ormstown, Que.
5. Charlyn Impression Bindy, Charlyn Jerseys

Senior 2-yr.-old cow (21 shown)
1. MB Lucky Lady Feliz Navidad-ET (S: Tower Vue Prime Tequila-ET, D: Marlau Comerica Fabienne), Rivendale Farms, res. int. champ.
2. Arethusa Impression Sunshine-ET, Arethusa Farm
3. Marlau Joel Maria, Laurent Lambert and John Weaver
4. Bridon J Expense, Les Elevages Caberoy and La Ferme Scottiere, Saint Paul D’Abbotsford, Que.
5. MB Lucky Lady Fired Up-ET, Braden Anderson and Frank and Diane Borba, Canton de Hatley, Que.

Junior 3-yr.-old cow (15 shown)
1. Bri-Lin Karballa Salvia-ET (S: BW Karbala-ET, D: Bri-Lin Regal Sage-ET), Brian and Linda Raymer, Bright, Ont., int. champ.
2. Peninsula Verbatim Miss Minnie, Jacob and Annie Vander Meulen, Brighton, Ont.
3. RJF Tequila Jazz, Peter Vail and Budjon Farms, Lomira, Wis.
4. Glenholme Impressionable Trait, Robert and Bruce Mellow
5. Bridon T Time, Bridon Farms Inc.

Senior 3-yr.-old cow (13 shown)
1. Schulte Bros Tequila Shot-ET, Peter Vail and Budjon Farms
2. Crossbrook HG Dixie-ET, Rivendale Farms
3. Payneside Mac N Cheese, Arethusa Farm
4. Hillacres Impression Shady, Peter Vail, Lookout, and Frank and Diane Borba, Canton de Hatley, Que.
5. Scottiere Trudy Minister, Ferme Scottiere Enr., Saint Paul D’Abbotsford, Que.

4-yr.-old cow (18 shown)
1. Pleasant Nook Action Posh, Pleasant Nook Jerseys, Ayr, Ont.
2. Lookout Give Me A Try-ET, Casee and Frank Robinson
3. Paullor Vivitar Ramble, Paul and Lorraine Franken
4. Pleasant Nook Tequila Daiquiri, Pleasant Nook Jerseys
5. Arethusa Tequila Blarney, Paul and Lorraine Franken

5-yr.-old cow (10 shown)
1. Musqie Iatola Martha-ET (S: SC Gold Dust Paramount Iatola-ET, D: Avonlea Jed Maxie-ET), Milk Source Genetics, sr., gr., and sup. champ.
2. Marlau Socrates Arcadios-ET, Cybil Fisher, Patty Jones and Avonlea Genetics
3. Pleasant Nook TVT Miss Emma, Pleasant Nook Jerseys
4. Marlau Minister Jane, Laurent Lambert, Louiseville, Que.
5. Enniskillen Tequila R Daisy, Enniskillen Jerseys, Enniskillen, Ont.

Aged cow (11 shown)
1. Paullor Giller Rilee (S: Shamrock Giller, D: Paullor Centurion Riviera), Paul and Lorraine Franken, res. sr. and res. gr. champ.
2. Page-Crest Excitation Karlie, Arethusa Farm
3. Marynole Excite Rosey, Ernest W. Kueffner and Terri L. Packard, Boonsboro, Md.
4. Pleasant Nook Happy Birthday, Pleasant Nook Jerseys, overall production winner of show
5. Hidden Dream Glasgow Ruby, Ferme Pres Verts Inc., Saint Gabriel de Rimouski, Que.

Junior best three females (9 shown)
1. Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys
2. Avonlea Genetics, Brighton, Ont.
3. Charlyn Farms
4. Arethusa Farm
5. Paul and Lorraine Franken

Breeders herd (8 shown)
1. Pleasant Nook Jerseys
2. Paul and Lorraine Franken
3. Lauren Lambert.
4. Bridon Farms Inc.
5. Lookout Holsteins and Jerseys